GO Contact Sync is alive!

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Ok, this post is long overdue, but...

First of all my apologies to all the people who sent me an email and i have not had a chance to respond to. Having a second child, moving house, working full time, studying part time at uni, and so on. 

I was hoping to come back to those bugs and fix them, but as time went by i've realised it's less and less likely to happen.

Luckily there were some proactive people who forked the project and continue to actively maintain it. Thanks, big-r, createsoftware, cybdis, floriwan.

So, for those of you that have not lost hope and still want to use the app please get the latest release from http://googlesyncmod.sourceforge.net/. At the time or writing it's version 3.5.3

Here is a list of features from the new project maintainer's site:

  • Synchronize your contacts between Microsoft Outlook and Google Mail.
  • Contact Categories and Contact Photos
  • Automatic Synchronization
  • Backup your Outlook Contacts to the Cloud
  • Software free-of-charge
  • Synchronize your Exchange contacts as well as your contacts in a PST file
  • Synchronize your contacts with Windows Phone 7 (WP7), iPhone and Android over the air through Google

SmartBiller Development

One Comment | Oct 31, 2009

SmartBiller LogoI'm working hard to bring you a PDA (Windows Mobile) version of SmartBiller and the next version of desktop SmartBiller.

Here's what's coming:

  • PDA version
  • Synchronization API
  • Synchronization Server and Cost Center
  • Data import (to load clients, project and categories)
  • Extra fields for entries
  • Bug fixes

We are expecting to have the next version ready in December 2009. Watch this space.

GO Contact Sync Proxy Support

13 Comments | Sep 01, 2009

This morning i have received an email from Craig who has suggested a very simple solution to enable proxy in GO Contact Sync. The trick is to created a config file GOContactSync.exe.config in installation directory and put this content in:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <defaultProxy enabled="true" 
      <proxy bypassonlocal="true" 
             proxyaddress="http://proxy:80/" />

Then replace "http://proxy:80/" with your proxy address. That's it.

Thanks, Craig!


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SmartBiller LogoI'm happy to announce a release of SmartBiller - a time tracking tool for consultants. It's implemented as an application which sits in the system tray and you just double-click its icon to start a timer.

There are 2 flavours available: Free and Professional. Professional edition comes with Plugin API so you can extend the application and integrate it with other systems. Free edition naturally has some limitations - namely number of timers you can run simultaneously, number of clients, projects and tasks. There's no time limit though. See feature comparison table.

Give it at try and see how you spend your day at work or on your own projects.

ClassFromConfig v1.4.0

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ClassFromConfig LogoI'm happy to announce a new release of ClassFromConfig - v1.4.0! Lots of improvements there. I had to rewrite the code generation code almost from scratch so it is more managable and easy to extend later on.

Changes include:

  • Rewritten the code generator engine to be more managable. 
  • Added lost of tests. 
  • Added "options file" support which enables to store ConfigFromClass settings in project .config file. 
  • Added ability to update config file and automaticallt register generated custom sections.
  • Added support for default collections 
  • Added ability to exclude certain sections from being generated. 
  • Added option to disable connectionString wrapper 
  • Added option to disable appSettings wrapper 
  • Added ability to load comments from config file as comments to the generated properties. 
  • Generated properties will now have info in the comments about which key it corresponds to.

It's recommended to upgrade any earlier versions to this version.

GO Contact Sync update

79 Comments | Mar 28, 2009


I've released GO Contact Sync v1.0.0.3 where expiration date is removed. So it will work without any limits.

I'm still in the process of migrading GO Contact Sync to open source (have decided to go with sourceforge.net), so those of you who have errors with synchronizing will have to wait a bit longer.

GO Contact Sync! Go Open Source!

2 Comments | Mar 18, 2009

It's been awhile since my last update. Lots of things happened during this time. I may write about some of them in my next posts as it relates to why i'm writing the following:

I had some good feedback about GO Contact Sync over past few months. Thanks guys. I also got some error reports (yes, there were error belive it or not :). Some of the errors are quite tricky to tackle as it involves a Google account and an Outlook Contacts folder both which are unique to a particular user. You can guess that replicating the same error is not easy. Plus i found that Outlook API so not 100% reliable (i was getting errors when trying to access some contacts)

So, to cut a long story short, i've decided to go open source with this project. That way some of the tricky errors could be resolved with the help of the open source community.

The latest beta expired on 31st of March 2009, so i'll make sure i get the open source version release by that time.

I haven't decided on the hosting yet. The options are:

I want Subversion for version control so codeplex may not be the one (although i like everything else about their platform).

My other open source project - ClassFromConfig - is hosted with sourceforge.net, so that's my bet at the moment.

Would like to hear your thought on the matter.

GO Contact Sync - for Outlook and Google

7 Comments | Sep 15, 2008
I have just released the first beta of GO Contact Sync tool (G stands for Google and O stands for Outlook ;) - this was previously announced as Google Contact Sync.

So, the features are:
  • Synchronizes your contacts between Microsoft Outlook and Google Mail.
  • Supports contact categories and contact photos.
  • Multiple sync options to suite your needs.
  • Automatic sync (on an interval)
  • Accessible via system tray
Here's what the settings window looks like:
GO Contact Sync screenshot
This beta will expire on 31st of December 2008. This doesn't mean that there won't be any updates until then :)
Give it a try - it's free!

Google Chrome Javascript Performance

4 Comments | Sep 03, 2008
As you may have already heard, Google has released their own browser - Google Chrome. It's a beta at this stage, but what's there now is quite impressive: the main thing that cought my attention is the way they're handing JavaScript. Essentially they are compiling JavaScript into machine code, which yeilds a much faster performace.
Google Chrome and V8
So, i've run some javascript tests and was amaised by the results: Chrome performed about 30 times faster than IE and almost 2 times faster than Firefox 3!
Javascript performance comparison
Browser Time
1609.2ms +/- 5.4%
Firefox 3
2910.2ms +/- 1.1%
Firefox 2
16212.2ms +/- 1.4%
IE 7
42156.4ms +/- 6.2%
(This was on a Windows XP on Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33GHz)

I haven't tested other browsers, but it would be interesting to compare the results.

Have a look at the comic Google has created to demonstrate all the cool stuff Chrome has to offer.

FxCop in CruiseControl.NET

7 Comments | Jul 25, 2008
I have finally integrated FxCop into my automated build process. Now i can see FxCop summary and detailed reports on the CruiseControls.NET dashboard.
Initially I was misguided somewhat by CruiseControl.NET's documentation when it said
We don't currently support running FxCop directly from CruiseControl.NET, but we plan on enabling this in a later release.
It seemed that the only way FxCop could be used with CC.NET is via NAnt.
However it turned out to be very easy to do it just via Executable Task. Here's what i did:
  1. Added FxCop project file to my solution (so i could select which assemblies to analyze and choose the rules)
  2. Added an exec task to project's tasks node in ccnet.config (after all the builds and unit tests are done)
  3. Added a File Merge Task to publishers node so that FxCop results are picked up by CC.NET
So the ccnet.config looks like this:
 <project name="project">
   <executable>C:\Program Files\Microsoft
FxCop 1.35\FxCopCmd.exe</executable>
/out:"(artifacts)\FxCop-results.xml" /gac</buildArgs>
(Note i have added some linebreaks in there so it fits into the page).

I'm also using different stylesheets to present FxCop results, which i think are nicer.